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Project Description

A library, commandline-tool and designer for creating charts quickly by just providing a datasource and output-parameters.

Charts are built using the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Chart object, which is distributed separately by Microsoft, but also included in the project.

Built using sample2.xml



You can create an XML yourself with minimal information (see sample1.xml) and just pass it to the commandline tool: chartbuilder.exe -c Samples\Sample1.xml -o sample1.png


Alternatively you can start up the ChartBuilder-Designer and graphically create the configuration-file (see sample2.xml). You can also edit hand-built configuration files with the designer to further manually configure the look of the chart.

Designer requirements

The designer requires Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.0 Library and Microsoft OLE DB Service Component 1.0 Type Library to be installed, to be able to display the connection-string dialog box.

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